Classes Offered

The following classes are available at the South Umpqua Rod and Gun Club

All are NRA Certified Classes, and NRA Instructor Classes in:

1. Home Firearm Safety:
a) Basic Pistol
b) Basic Rifle
c) Basic Shotgun Classes

2. Personal Protection in the Home

3. Personal Protection Outside the Home

4. Oregon Concealed Carry

5. Utah Concealed Carry

6. Oregon State Private Security Professional, Armed, and Unarmed Classes

7. HR 218 Retired Law Enforcement Officers Firearms Qualification

8. Reloading

9. Range Safety Officer (RSO)

For Class Dates and Fees please contact:

Dennis Blanchard

FFL Dealer, NRA Training Counselor, NRA Instructor, Oregon State Certified Private Security Armed, and Unarmed Instructor.

Phone: (541) 680-2010